Community of Lucas

Lucas! One of the most amazing places on earth... Sorta' like Norman Rockwell meets Northern Exposure, with a bit of Twin Peaks thrown in...

There's a lot of community info out there about our great tiny town, including a Get Lucas site with schedule of events and narratives about the things to see and do in Lucas, the official Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce page with links to businesses and attractions, and the City of Lucas blog, where you can delve deep into meeting notes from the City Council.

Lucas is also recognized throughout the state as an eccentric 'must see' town. Kansas Travel and Tourism features Lucas in their Quirky Kansas Ready Made Adventures initiative, even featuring some of the sites in a YouTube video.

Lucas is also located on the north end of the Post Rock Scenic Byway. Both the National Scenic Byways and the Kansas Scenic Byways sites give you a roadside view of our roller-coaster of a drive, as well as the history and heritage of the Post Rock Limestone that gives the byway its name.

Outsider Art in Kansas

The Garden of Eden may have been the first Outsider or Grassroots Art Environment in Lucas, but there's been a continuing timeline of creativity. The Grassroots Art Center in downtown Lucas features self-taught artwork from all over the region, as well as caretaking Florence Deeble's Rock Garden.

The Garden of Eden is internationally known, with book and documentary inclusions spanning a century. The guys from KCPT's Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations have featured the Garden (and Lucas) several times on their award-winning TV series.

International Visionary Art magazine Raw Vision featured an in-depth look at the Garden of Eden as a Creative Catalyst. for the site's 100th birthday.

Driven by Vision from Canada, ArtLand: USA from the UK, and Voice of America broadcasting in Mandarin have all stopped by to share the wonders of our Visionary Art offerings.

Friends and Neighbors

Lucas is a hotbed for artists and artisans with vision. Our do-it-yourself attitude, combined with multi-generation family-run businesses and a history of forward-thinking chutzpah are reflected in the unique and amazing array of businesses and cultural offerings in this town of 400 people.

The Lucas Area Community Theater shows first-run movies, as well as hosting events, in their state of the art digital facility. Brant's Meat Market still makes mighty tasty meats according to Czechoslovakian recipes, passed down through three generations.

In addition to the Garden of Eden, there's an array of artists who call Lucas home. Eric Abraham's Flying Pig Studio and Gallery features fantasy porcelain wonders, and Erika Nelson's World's Largest Things Inc. houses the World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things

The native Post Rock Limestone is still utilized by local artisans at Blue Stem Quarry and Vonada Stone, preserving a slice of the areas' past.